Comparing Real Money Poker Sites

With online poker increasing in popularity, it can be difficult to choose between the very wide selection of online poker rooms. There are many ways how the good poker rooms are all very similar. So how do you compare them to find the site that is best for you?

Peak Hours

Some poker sites will gear themselves to certain timezones. This is especially a problem now that many poker sites have pulled out of the US. This means that the majority of online poker sites have European peak hours. Many reviews will specify when the peak hours of a particular poker site are. With the biggest sites this may not be noticeable to you if you prefer the most popular games, as they will have traffic all day long on games like Texas Hold Em. However if you like the less popular games, or the higher staked tables, you would be better off playing during peak hours. This will give you a better selection and choice of tables. Your best bet is to choose the poker room with peak hours that are convenient to your favourite time of the day to play.

Most Popular Games

Players who are already experienced in online poker will already have preferences on what stake levels and game times they like to play. Some examples are if players like to play Texas Hold Em or Omaha. There are also a wide variety of stake levels, from micro-stakes all the way up to the high roller tables with hundreds of dollars on the line. Some players love tournaments, but not every poker site has a great selection. New players are better off playing at the largest poker sites, which offer a wide selection of low-level ring games and plenty of freerolls. Once they decide their favourite game types to play, reviews will tell players what the most popular games are on certain poker sites, and if they even offer your favorite game at all. Some of the smaller poker sites will only offer Texas Hold Em, for example.

VIP scheme

Not every poker site offers a VIP scheme. Some offer very complicated systems with a number of different points, chips, and cards you can earn. Others simply have rebates and deposit percentages. Some people love the excitement of earning points that can be saved up and cashed in for cash, merchandise, electronics, and even just entries into exclusive tournaments. Other players prefer rakeback, and yet others just can't be bothered with any of it. There are benefits to each point of view, but no matter what your preference is, most real money online poker sites will have their bonuses and VIP points and rules for you to browses.


Bonus money can be a great boost to your bankroll, but it can also limit your game play. It can seem foolish to deposit cash without taking advantage of free money, but players must always read the fine print. Most poker sites will require players to clear the deposit before being able to withdraw it, or withdraw winnings made by using it. This is common to the industry, and as long as the clearing requirements aren't unreasonable, you typically won't find much variance in clearing requirements. However where they do vary quite a lot is the rules. Players need to be especially careful on casinos, as they may have a Bingo Bonus, or a Slots Bonus. For these types of bonuses, Poker play will not count towards clearing it. Poker Rooms aren't exempt from this, however, as they may limit what games can be played, and if tournament play counts. This is not just something you need to check between casinos, but every bonus you want to cash in, carefully read the fine print and contact customer service if you have any questions. Any good poker site will have helpful and polite customer service people willing to clear up any confusion.

Banking Options

Online banking can be tricky. Many online payment processors have made their restrictions stricter after UIGEA. However, all this really means is that it can be trickier for US players to deposit. No matter where you are located, however, you likely have your favorite online payment processor. Nearly every online casino and poker room will have their payment methods listed directly on their website. It is very important that the casino you choose to play has a payment method that is convenient and easy for you both to deposit money and withdraw to your bank account.