How to Boost Your Confidence Playing Poker

There are so many things that are wrong with poker players today, whether it is drugs, alcohol, or just overall health. All of these things will amount to you in return having a lower level of confidence and also be less inclined to win. If you want to be one of the great poker players and have everyone know who you are, there are certain steps to take to become great. These steps are small steps that will amount to one giant leap over an extended period of time. This period of time could be as little as one year or it could be as little as just a few months. The whole key to how long it takes before you hit it big will depend on your bankroll management skills and the sheer confidence you play with at the table.

When you play with grit and a tenacity to be the best, eventually you will harness the skills to become great. The hardest part of poker for most players is when they go on downswings. These downswings occur when you lose a stable mental state of being. This is more or less a fancy way of saying that when you go on tilt you will lose money. Going on tilt is something that happens to every player no matter who they are and also downswings happen to every player, no matter who they are. Just because you have been winning for a whole year every single day, doesn’t mean that you are immune to bad beats and bad runs. They do happen and they are a part of what makes poker such a competitive game. To maintain the sickness that is poker you need to keep your mental game in check at all times. This means that you have to avoid alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, fatty foods, and other harmful things to put in to your body. If you continuously put bad things into your body you should recognize that you get bad results right along with it. When you sit down and eat 4 hamburgers from a fast food restaurant and get a jumbo sized soda with it, you should realize that there is something wrong and you need to change. Most poker players by nature are way too out of shape and often does not live as long as people with normal jobs because of it. If you want to live a long and heart healthy life you need to recognize your flaws and change them.

When you look at a confident poker player you will look at someone who is on a tear or is steam rolling the competition. You often ask yourself why you cannot be like them or why you haven’t gone on a run like they have. The reason you haven’t is because you haven’t gotten after it enough in all aspects of life. There is more to playing poker and becoming a success than just going to the poker room in a casino every day. You have to study poker. You have to surround yourself with positive people and positive poker players. Also, you need to have people who will always help you out and never affect your psychology or mind. All of these things are necessary when getting on the road to being a great poker player and you should look for this stuff in your own life. To improve as a poker player means that you have improved your life outside of poker as well. Often, players get trapped into playing poker every day for hours on end and losing everything. When you lose everything you have not just lost everything, but you should also realize that everything else in your life was wrong to this point. You were sitting in a room every day and never socializing with the real world. You were mismanaging your money, playing above your limits, and mainly you didn’t have a plan. You always need a plan when it comes to poker and you need goals. If you don’t have goals then you have nothing to work for. With nothing to work for you begin to slowly lose and lack confidence, then you could end up in a downward spiral with no near end in sight. You always need someone to pull you away from the tables and get you to cash money offline or quit from playing live poker for a few days and just enjoy life.