Features of Top Online Poker Sites

All the most popular online poker rooms use one of a small number of software providers. This means that even competing poker rooms can use the same software- and therefore will look very similar. But no matter how they vary, there are a number of features you will typically find in all the the best top real money online poker sites.


While graphics are like icing on a stable and secure software's cake, it is a great way for a poker room to show clients they take their site seriously. The best online poker rooms will have clean and beautiful graphics that load quickly and smoothly. Dated and pixelated graphics will make players doubt the security of a system that doesn't appear to be kept up to date. The ability to personalize the deck and a player's avatar is common, but typically not something the most experienced players get excited about.

When it comes to preferences on graphics, this will vary by players. Some will prefer a dark background, with deep rich colors. Others may prefer a more vivid and Vegas-style graphics that are bright and exciting. No matter the color scheme, no top online poker site is going to have cheap or outdated graphics. They want to encourage players to stay here for hours, to relax, be comfortable, and play. This is the same reason why many casinos will use garish carpets- to encourage players to focus on the games and the atmosphere.

Animation and Play Speed

The top poker rooms attract a very wide variety of players. The casual players who enjoy the thrills will love the detailed animation of the best poker rooms. Many of them are now offering a 3d option, which draws players in to the experience even more. This gives players the illusion they are sitting at the table- right in their home.

However, more serious players will love the higher speeds available for gameplay. There are serious 'grinders' who play real money online poker for a living, using the vast amount of games they can play in a session as their main source of profit. Serious players won't have the patience for a game that lags and times out, or for animations that deal hands slowly- especially when they're playing hundreds of hands of poker at a time.

Table Tools

Online poker players are at the peak of convenience. They can play from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere else they have a computer and wireless internet. On a wireless connection on their laptop on the commute to work, or even at the office, players can enjoy their favorite game. The top online poker rooms offer players a number of tools to make play easier and more convenient. The most popular casinos include some of these tools:

Hot Keys allow players to call, bet, raise, fold, and a number of other actions by simply pressing one key. There are a number of programs offered that work as hot keys- but anything not offered by your poker room should be looked at very cautiously. There are also player notes that can help you keep track of opponents. This can make play very profitable if you can find a table full of players you've marked as loose players, and players may choose to avoid other players they have tagged as sharks.

Yet more of the common tools include hand histories and statistics, which the casual player may overlook. But the top poker sites attract the top players, and players who want to improve their game. Statistics and histories can help players hone their strategies.

Multi-Tabling Support

It is easy for a smaller poker site to run one table quickly. But the top poker site have serious multi-tablers. These players will run six or more tables at a time, and need the play to continue quickly, smoothly, and without hiccups. The ability to resize tables, and organize them on the screen comfortably is a huge draw to serious players.

Service interruptions can cost a player a pot- running out the timer, or disconnecting from a table or tournament can be maddening. Many poker sites have safeguards to try and minimize the loss when you experience a minor interruption, however these certainly aren't something you want to depend on when faced with huge pots.

Overview of Features

With only a few software providers having the corner on the market, it's easy to see how many poker sites are so similar. Almost every poker site will offer a VIP or points scheme, bonuses and promotions to draw in players. But only the best poker players not only offer these things, but offer them well, and with the best quality available.