Heads up No limit sit and go tips

When you sit down to play a heads up sit and go, you will find a handful of things out about the player who has sat you almost right away. One thing to pay attention to is their pre-flop raise size which should always be a minimum raise. If they are opening to 5 times the blind or 4 times the blind you should be able to identify them as a weaker player who puts chips into the pot only when they have bigger connected cards. If you figure out the type of player you are seated against quicker you could be able to beat them quicker, and also exploit their weaknesses. The first type of player you will run into is called an aggressive bad player.

The aggressive bad player in heads up sit and goes will try to run you over from hand one until they bust out or win. This player almost always never hits the fold button. They will put in a raise before the flop from the button and they will three bet you before the flop. When you come across this opponent all you have to do is wait for one hand. They will push constantly and think they can run you over and then you snap call their all in and double up. From there, the match will leave you with probably a 5 to 1 chip lead and you can finish your opponent off in convincing fashion. Also against the aggressive bad player you don’t ever want to get into a 3 betting and 4 betting war before the flop. Odds are you will lose to them shoving with Ace rag or weak hands that you cannot call with. If you make the play to 3 bet an aggressive bad player you should be prepared to call a shove from them as well.

The second type of player you run into in heads up no limit sit and goes is the passive bad player. You see the passive bad player almost always at lower stakes sit and goes, maybe the $11-$55 sit and goes levels. The reason they have never moved up in levels is because their style of play doesn’t best suit a heads up match. If you play passive, you should not sit in a heads up sit and go. Some players just don’t get this point, and they don’t realize they are losing money in the long run. If you sit in and play passive in heads up matches, the only time it is appropriate is when you face a super aggressive bad player. To beat passive players, the formula is very simple. All you do is raise from the button before the flop every time and collect the blinds. If the passive player calls, they most likely fold to a continuation bet on the flop. If they call, but more importantly if they check and raise you, then you can pretty much just assume that they have it. Passive players don’t bluff ever and you shouldn’t continue in pots with marginal or weak hands like bottom pair or small pocket pairs.

The last type of player to find at heads up sit and goes is the aggressive and good player. This player you want to always avoid if they are sitting in a lobby because in the long run you will lose. If you lose there is no reason to play them. Aggressive good players are easy to find in sit and goes. Often times they sit at the $100 and up levels, but here and there you will find them in $30-100 lobbies online. These players are sharks in all aspects and almost never make a mistake when playing. They have thousands of dollars of profit online and for good reason. If you lose a match to one of them you should realize that throughout the match they made no bad calls, or played pots out of position, or did anything unorthodox against you. These players just know what to do. For you to become an aggressive and good player, it takes thousands of hands of heads up sit and go poker, but it is by no means unattainable. Heads up sit and go players make the second most money online compared to heads up cash game players. If you want to be great you can be great.