Heads Up No Limit Cash Game Tips

When you sit in a cash game and especially when you sit in a no limit cash game, you should look to be as consistent as possible with pre-flop raise sizes. The reason to be consistent with pre-flop raise sizes is because it will not allow your opponent to have a clue what you may have at any point in time. A standard raise before the flop is a minimum raise, but anywhere from 2-3 times the blinds is standard in heads up poker. It all depends on how your opponent reacts to your pre-flop raise sizes. If your opponent is 3 betting constantly you should narrow down your raises and even fold more hands before the flop. If your opponent is just calling before the flop then you want to play bigger pots in position. You should always look to play big pots in position in heads up no limit cash poker.

One great tip for heads up no limit cash games is to play big pots in position. The reason you want to play big pots in position is because most likely how the pot became big was from your opponent putting big bets at the pot. If you have got your opponent to build a pot for you and you make your hand there is nothing better than that. The main reason to let your opponent build a pot is to trap them into losing a big pot. If you have AA pre-flop and raise to 3 times the blind and get three bet before the flop, you should often times 4 bet, but also you should just call a large percentage of the time as well. If they are on a move they will fold to the 4 bet and the hand will be over right there. You want them to put more money into the pot, and to do that you can just call the flop bet, and hope that they bet the turn as well. Once they bet the turn you can either shove all in or just call again. You want a pot to be as big as possible when you have a hand like AA, and to get it big you should let your opponent do it. If you let your opponent do it they will have no clue what hand you have because you didn’t put in a 4 bet before the flop. If you would have 4 bet before the flop you might have lost a ton of value.

Another solid tip for heads up no limit cash games is to figure out right away if you think you will beat them in the long run. With all of the information online today and all of the possibilities you have there is no sense in playing poker against someone who has shown that they can and will win. When you see players that can and will win, you should back off and find another game. It does not make sense to waste precious time playing in break even or losing games, when you can go and play weak opponents and crush the games. Money should always be your motivation for heads up no limit cash games. If you aren’t motivated to make a lot of money in a short period of time then heads up cash games are not for you. There are reasons why certain players have been very successful and mainly it is aggression, but also they don’t waste time playing tough opponents. If you waste time playing in harder games you will lose a lot of money in the long run.

Lastly, and most importantly when playing heads up no limit cash games, you have to know when it is alright to leave the game. If you are down some money or up some money it shouldn’t matter too much. Your mental state when playing heads up cash games changes in a matter of seconds at times and if you look to keep playing with a poor mental state you will probably get crushed in a game, even if your opponent isn’t a very good player. One thing to keep in mind is that they will always be there tomorrow or a few hours from now, so you should always play in games on your terms.