Live Cash Game Tips

When you look to sit in a live cash game the first thing you should look for are loose aggressive players. The reason for this is because they will be the players that throw the most money around, and this will in return give you the biggest profit margin. When sitting with loose aggressive players there are a handful of things you should keep in mind. The first thing to keep in mind is to never over play hands. If you over play hands then you will be losing money. For example, if you call a 3 bet pre-flop with a hand like A6 suited and flop an ace, you really have no clue if you have the best hand or not. Playing weaker hands against aggressive players is not suggested and you shouldn’t do it until you pick off one of their tells. The hardest players to read in live cash games are the aggressive players who sit there and remain stoic. These players are very difficult to figure out at times, and it is best to avoid them all together.

If you are in a live casino one of your best chances of making a bunch of money is to table select carefully. Table selecting is something you should do with ease after a handful of times playing poker. If you select good tables or great tables you will only better your chances of winning. A great table in most instances can be described as old guys sitting there in their shirt and tie, who just came from work to play some poker. Also, Asian players are something to look for at a poker table. Asian players will constantly shove all their chips off with a flush draw or straight draw and other marginal hands. It doesn’t really depend on the player because all of them will do it at some point in time, especially at lower stakes. Lastly, young kids 21-25 are the tough ones to play poker against. You are much better off sitting at a table with one of them after hours of playing. This goes mainly because a lot of young kids drink energy drinks and maybe a beer or two, and after a while they will be more prone to dump their stack in the middle. The later at night the game the better it is in a live casino. This is just because you will go against players who are stuck and steaming. The players who are up that late at night are the ones who are losing and playing very badly. Ideally, if you can play live cash games late at night you will not have to table select, but you will find some great tables.

One thing to look out for in live cash games is how many players are at the table and you should categorize each player at the table. When you categorize the player it will make it easier for you to make decisions down the road against them. If you pick up things here and there on how a player is going to act versus you, then you will know for the future what they are doing and how to respond. Reading and reacting is all live poker is when it comes down to it and you should pay attention to everything. The reason to always pay attention and never get distracted is because if you do get distracted you could miss something. You could miss a nervous tick or the player rolling their eyes, them staring straight down or directly at you. All of these things matter and you have to learn how to interpret them correctly. When you can say that you know a players nervous tick or tell at a poker tables, you are saying you know their identity at the poker table.

Categories to lump players into are things like aggressive bad, aggressive good, or passive bad. More times than not players lump into passive bad or aggressive bad in live cash games. Since the money doesn’t translate as well as it would online naturally you have idiots sitting in live cash games. With these idiots comes the aggressive bad idiot or the passive bad idiot. The aggressive bad player will play every hand no matter what and spray chips all over the table. The passive bad player will sit for hours on end waiting for a big pocket pair. Once they get it they are so excited they put a huge raise in before the flop and get everyone out of the pot. Both of these players are terrible, but it is better to be aggressive bad then passive bad.