Poker Strategy for Live Turbo Tournaments

When you sit down to play a live turbo poker tournament you should only really have one goal, to win. If you don’t want to win you shouldn’t have signed up for the tournament. Most times you will find that you have to shove all in with weak hands in order to survive in these turbo tournaments. The main reason is because you can be overwhelmed with chip stack sizes in a matter of minutes, and your only play is to move all in or fold. If you choose to raise before the flop and then fold, you will be in trouble in the long run of live turbo poker tournaments.

One way to get going in the right direction in a turbo tournament is to acquire a decent amount of chips early on in the tournament. If you get chips early on then you can attack the weaker players at the table and possibly make a final table run. To make a final table run it will take both skill and well-timed aggression. If you don’t have well timed aggression in live turbo poker tournaments you will be in trouble and could bust out of the tournament right away. Ideally, you want to make it far in the tournament, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

One thing to keep in mind during a live turbo tournament is your table image. If you keep your table image in check at the beginning of a poker tournament you should be able to pick up pots without a showdown later on in the tournament. Since players bust out of turbo tournaments instantly a lot of times, you should look to pick your spots wisely or you could be on the rail watching as well. To go deep in a poker tournament means you will have battled through the good and bad times and ended up surviving in the end. The main thing to do in a turbo tournament is to survive. It is the most under rated part of poker player’s games today. If you look to get your chips in right away they will be gone right away. If you do not acquire a big stack right away all you have to do is remain patient and wait for hands to come to you. Eventually you will be able to get your money in with the best hand and an opportunity to double up.

Basically, when you want to have success in live turbo tournaments it deals with a large amount of luck, and running good, as well as a solid table image. Also, you should never be afraid of going broke in a hand. If you are afraid of losing all your chips you will never win a poker tournament. You have to have no fear in live turbo tournaments because you have to look for every opportunity to get your money in with the best hand. If you don’t look for the spots then you will not find good spots. One of the last things that can help you out to beat these live turbo games is confidence and giving no information away about the strength of your hand. Since the information is at a minimum in these tournaments as it is, you should always look to gather information and to never give information away. The more you give away the easier you make it for the other players at your table. If you make it easy for them, you will most likely not win, so if you keep your mouth shut and stare down at the table, you will give nothing away. In general, since the ends of these styles of tournaments approach at such a rapid rate, you should look to never be afraid to fold hands here and there. You should never play a big pot every time you hold top pair, and also you don’t have to shove all in every time you have a monster hand. Getting value for hands is really tough to do in turbo tournaments because you have not much in the way of chips to work with. To get value minimum raising before the flop is best with monster pairs instead of jamming your whole stack in. When you minimum raise before the flop you leave yourself open to a shove that would have otherwise been shut out of the pot from a shove.