How to Master Multi-Tabling?

One or two things to always keep in mind when playing poker online is that you should always look to play within your bankroll, and also play within your comfort zone. It is rather easy to get outside of your comfort zone when playing poker online and you should always try to remain calm, cool and collected when playing poker. If you don’t manage to stay calm, cool and collected then you could be in for a rude and shocking awakening in a couple of hours. Poker is a game of rapid swings in cash up or down and you have to be able to roll with the punches to be one of the better players. If you cannot roll with the punches you will probably more times than not be broke.

When you look to start out multi-tabling you should look to start slow and build from there. You don’t want to jump right in to 20 tabling cash games because as it is that is a pretty crazy thing to do. Almost all players at some point should push the envelope as for how many tables to play, but the only thing that matters is if you are winning or not. If you are playing 2 tables for instance and you are winning every day for 2-3 weeks, then you should try out 3-4 tables for the next 2-3 weeks. Once you get comfortable with that, then you can move on to 5-6 tables, then 7-8 tables, and all the way up until you no longer feel like you are a winning player. As long as you are winning, then you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, but the temptation always lies there because the more tables you play the more money you potentially will make. Nobody wants to make less than what they are capable of and you shouldn’t want to do so either.

Approaching multi-tabling online cash games is one of the most common ways to play online, but multi-tabling sit and goes, and tournaments are also very common. When you look to multi-table cash games you are looking for the weaker tables, and also you are looking for the deepest stacked tables. You will sit often times at tables that are tough to beat and tables that are hard to steal pots at. When you are playing cash games an important aspect of them is to steal pots, or win pots without a showdown. If you can win pots without a showdown and do so consistently then you will have a better opportunity to make money when multi-tabling. Playing a ton of tables at once is obviously not ideal because you lose the meta-game flow of the table. This means basically you lose the identity of certain players, and also you lose how the table is playing. If you are playing 20 tables at once you really cannot focus on what table is passive or what table is aggressive, you are just more or less clicking buttons. The game speed is another thing to keep in mind because you will have to make a decision within 2-3 seconds consistently when playing a massive amount of tables. There are not too many players that can keep that up for extended periods of time.

When you look to multi-table sit and goes or tournaments you are looking at a couple of things for consistency, and when you should be able to play more tables. When it comes to tournaments more so than sit and goes you should play a bunch of them at once. The reason being that tournaments are crap shoots anyway you look at it. You will not win every tournament you play and you might not even cash in 20 or so tournaments in a row. There is a decent amount of luck involved in poker tournaments and online if you have the option to play 1 or 10, you should probably try out 10 of them. This has to be within your comfort zone as well, but playing 10 tournaments isn’t too bad. You are most certainly just playing hands in position, and playing pocket pairs or AQ, AK. To advance through fields of players you need skill and luck, and learning how to multi-table effectively will help you out to do all of these things. Once you have taken it upon yourself to improve you will improve. The whole thing behind multi-tabling online poker is motivation. How dedicated are you to win every day and how bad do you want to be the best. If you can answer those two questions truthfully, you will have more motivation and you will learn how to multi-table flawlessly.