Most Important Sections of a Poker Site

Online poker sites have quite a lot of information available to players. They do their best to make play as enjoyable as possible for players. But with the wealth of information available, sometimes it can be hard for new players to determine what is the most important sections of a poker site.

Promotions Page

The Promotions and Bonuses page is typically the first one players will look at when considering whether or not to play at this site. The promotions page is typically bright and cheerful with big promises and dollar signs to draw in players. But looking past the advertisement, what makes the promotion page so important? Poker websites thrive on offering players free cash. This is one of the biggest parts of their advertising, and a great indicator of the quality of their site. The most popular and well known real money online poker sites will generally offer a variety of promotions, where players can select the one that best suits their preferences.

No matter how many or how generous the promotions and bonuses are, what makes this section vital is the fine print. A quality site will have clearly outlined rules and restrictions for their bonuses. Vague wording is unwise, as that requires the customer service representatives to interpret their meaning. Detailed information should be available, and customer service representatives should be able to clearly explain any information players are unsure of.


We've talked about the free money- now let's talk about your money. The cashier should be obvious why it is a vital part of any online poker site. Any good site should have top of the line security and encryption to ensure that player's personal information is kept safe and secure.

But security levels aren't always the first thing players look for when scoping out a potential new casino. The first thing players want to know is if there is a convenient and secure way to deposit and withdraw funds. The most important part of the cashier, or banking pages, is if the information is laid out clearly and understandably. Many poker sites will have a minimum deposit which can vary depending on the type of banking option you use. For example, if you deposit via Skrill you will likely have a much lower minimum deposit option than if you used credit card or bank transfer.


No matter how carefully you read, there will be questions you are not sure of the answer to. For this, players typically turn to the FAQ and help files.

Instead of listing paragraphs of fine print on every section of their site, poker sites usually prefer to simply refer to the help sections for the more detailed information. In the help files players can find information like tournament pay out schedules, playthrough requirements and even banking fees. A good poker site should have an easy to navigate FAQ section at the very least with the most popular questions answered clearly. It's a bonus if a site has a detailed help section- not every poker room will keep an updated Help section, but many will. Some even will have gameplay tutorials and strategy articles to help players out.

Customer Service

No matter how thorough the help section is, there will be questions that must be answered by service representatives. Perhaps a player is having trouble understanding the wording on a help file, or they present an unusual circumstance that isn't covered. Regardless, a considerate and knowledgeable customer service team can make or break a good poker room. Players are the most comfortable gambling their money if they know they can depend on a fair customer service team to assist them if they run into any problems.

Get a good idea of the actual quality of customer service make sure to read a wide variety of reviews- including players who have complaints. How were the complaints addressed? Was the team rude? Was the player bending the rules? Even the best poker rooms will have negative complaints now and then, it's just important that the positive outweighs the negative.


You're not on an online poker room to deposit your hard earned paycheck and walk away- the games are exactly why you're on this site, why you've researched a good place to play, used the promo code and downloaded the software. So many would say that the games are the single most important feature. The answer to this section will vary from player to player- and maybe even the same player, depending on what games they prefer to play. But it's pointless to bother with a poker site that doesn't offer your favorite game to play.