How to Many Buy-ins in a Rebuy Tournament?

Re-buy poker tournaments are essential to a poker players arsenal whether they play live or online. If you play online you should be used to re-buy tournaments by now and you should understand that the prize pool will get much bigger than when you play freeze out tournaments. A re-buy tournament is a great bankroll builder if you make the final table, but it can also crush your bankroll if you aren’t careful. When entering a re-buy you often get the option to purchase a stack twice the size of what it normally is. You should always do that and play the tournament normally from there on. If you look to play aggressive during the first hour of a re-buy online it all depends on what the buy-in is and what first place pays out. Also, you should never spend more money than a min cash in a re-buy tournament. If you spend too much you will not make a profit for cashing in the tournament.

The amount of buy-ins to spend is most likely going to be 5 buy-ins, which should be your maximum. For example, if you sit in an $11 re-buy tournament, $1 goes to the site, and then every rebuy is $10 from there on out. You should start off spending $21 to have a solid starting double stack. If you are very patient during the first hour you will see many players who lack patience. It is necessary to remain calm at all times during re-buy tournaments. Just because you have the option to have a reentry to a tournament doesn’t mean you should always take that option. If you play passive in a rebuy tournament you will not burn through money and also you will give yourself a better opportunity to win a lot of chips early on. If you get chips early on then that’s great, but you could also play some big pots and lose right away. If you lose your stack and get unlucky right away then you can buy the same stack again for $20, which now has your total investment of $41. In general you don’t want to burn through more than two full entries. Also, what comes into play is the add-on at the end of the first hour. The add-on will give you a bonus amount of chips for $10 again, so your total investment is now $51. This should be the tops and your highest amount that you are willing to spend in a rebuy tournament. If you look to spend more, then you are not going to make a sufficient enough profit in the long run. You should realize that cashes are most likely around $70-$100 for minimum cashes in $10 rebuy tournaments, so it should not be a big surprise to you.

In the end to be successful in rebuy tournaments you want to spend the least amount of money during the first hour. That is what it will come down to and what it will always come down to. Also, it depends on how well you play of course, but if you spent a small amount and win a ton of chips right away, you will have an easier time throughout the tournament. The easiest of times is when you invested a little bit and have way more than other players at the table who invested a lot. That is a bitter sweet feeling and also one that you should never overlook or get too confident about. When a player is spending a lot of buy-ins this also means that they feel that they are better than the other players at the table. When a player has confidence then money shouldn’t matter so much to them as it shouldn’t matter so much to you. As a poker player you need to be able to harness your emotions at a poker table and know when to sit in and when to walk away. You could easily burn through buy-in after buy-in during the first hour of a rebuy and you definitely do not want that to happen.