Real Money Online Poker on a Mac

Mac computers are growing in popularity for a number of reasons, however when it comes to software availability, Mac computers are still somewhat at a disadvantage. The majority of downloadable poker software is not Mac compatible. So how do you play real money online poker on a Mac?

Mac Friendly Online Poker

Mac computers weren't always such a large corner of the market, and Mac users generally couldn't enjoy online poker. However their growing popularity have made even the biggest poker rooms take notice. More and more online poker rooms are offering options for Mac computers. Unfortunately, the number of online poker rooms that offer a Mac Compatible software are still slim. These aren't the only options for Mac users, however. There are also Flash poker rooms, and players can always use Boot Camp to emulate a Windows computer.

Downloading the Software

There's a number of benefits for downloaded software. Online poker rooms do their best to make the software easy to install, and many poker sites have a walk through in their help section to answer any remaining questions. The software itself is rarely very large, but the reasons for downloading it do add up.

Depending on the poker site you want to play at, they may also offer a casino, bingo, and other games. The software will allow you full access to all the games available. It will also allow faster play with no interruptions, which can sometimes be very noticeable on a flash based program if your internet slows down and when starting to play a new game such as switching between tables, or even as simple as switching between game types. The information and images are already loaded onto your computer when you download the software, so there's no wait for the game to load. This is great for people who want to multi-table, when speed is very important. The downloaded software also typically has more features, including customization options. This not only makes long term play more comfortable, but more enjoyable.

Flash Software (No- Download)

The ability to play poker games directly from the browser is convenient. Some players don't like to install software on their computer. Others may not have permission to, especially if they're playing on a work or internet cafe computer. Regardless of the reason, the Flash casinos were not only developed for Mac users. Unfortunately, these flash-based casinos have been pretty much the only option for Mac users.

The Flash software will typically run directly in the browser window, and sometimes in a window that pops up. Depending on the site you use, not all of their games will be available on the no-download software. For example, not all the tournaments will be available. All poker rooms try to make their software as fast and smooth as possible, but because none of the information or images are preloaded on your computer there is the possibility of loading times or lag. Another thing to consider is that the flash based rooms don't always offer the ability to resize the windows. Personalization options aren't typically a big portion of the flash based software.

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a Windows Emulator for Mac computers. This means it allows a Mac computer to run windows software. Depending on your computer, it can run many different versions of Windows. There are a number of resources to help players successfully set up the software. Players who are unsure about software may need help, but Boot Camp is designed to make the process as simple as possible.

In order to use Boot Camp to play online poker, when starting up players must hold down the Option key. This allows them to select the Windows system they have set up. Once this has booted all the way up, players can use their Mac computer just like any normal Windows computer, including installing and running poker website software. Boot Camp does involve some technical knowledge, but once it is set up it is very easy to use. And for players who love playing online poker, and love their Mac computers, it's a great solution. Boot Camp allows players to choose from an even wider selection of poker sites instead of limiting themselves to only the rooms that offer Mac-compatible software or Flash software.