Rewards of Playing Online Poker

Online poker players typically claim the convenience and variety as the biggest reason to play online poker. There's definitely a monetary bonus to playing online poker, with deposit bonuses giving a fantastic value for your dollar. But money and the ability to play in your pajamas are a small draw to serious players. So what are the real rewards to playing online poker?


Like everything else in the world, it all comes down to money. The greatest reward of playing online poker is the ability to increase your skills to the point where poker is profitable for you. There are practice play rooms, free rolls, and micro stake tables that allow players to build up their abilities without breaking the bank.

A small bankroll is not a hindrance like it is in a land based poker room. You can walk into a land based poker room with $50 and play a limited number of hands even at the lowest stake tables. With online poker, players can play microstakes, and even freeroll tournaments to build up their bankrolls. Poker can be extremely lucrative if you have good bankroll management, so don't let your experience in land based casino taint your view. Anyone can make good money playing online poker.


Promotions don't only include deposit bonuses. Some of the biggest casinos make millions, and can afford to give away an impressive variety of bonus cash, tournament entries, and sponsor the best players to represent them at world famous poker tournaments.

Online poker is a business- a lucrative business. It's one of very few businesses where the business makes money when their clients make money in a fair and legitimate manner. Poker sites make money off the rake, and a percentage of tournament fees. They make so much that their number one goal is to keep their clients happy and loyal. They want you to come and play- and win!

To do this, they happily will match your deposit bonuses with percentages and sometimes even give rakeback. Many online poker rooms will even hose practice play options and informative how-to-play help sections.


When you think of online poker, you don't necessarily think of shopping. But what else will you do with all the VIP points? The most popular poker sites host VIP programs that pay players back for playing.

These programs have a number of names, from VIP points, loyalty points, chips, coins, and cards. There are even poker sites who use more than one of these types of points at a time. The idea is that players earn them doing different activities. Registering for poker tournaments, winning poker tournaments, playing real money ring games, and depositing cash are are all common ways players can earn points in these loyalty programs.

But these points are for more than just bragging rights! Players can use these points to shop in the poker site's VIP Shop, which typically have something for everyone. Players can purchase entry into exclusive tournaments, branded merchandise to show off their favorite poker room, electronics, and even vacations.


Some people would love to play online poker at home, or even make it their full time job. But how do you convince your family? Players who have built up their skill level and developed solid strategies that have their win percentages high enough that they feel confident making a profit playing regularly enjoy not only the bonus of working from home and having the ability mostly make their own hours. Obviously players would have to plan around lucrative tournament schedules, but otherwise you're free to make your own hours.

The best reward for successful online poker is that you get to stay home. Beer and mixed drinks are cheaper, and made to exactly your preferences. You can control the level of distractions by turning off the television or radio. Working from home has it's own benefits, but even if online poker is just a hobby playing from home has the distinct advantage of no travel expenses, and no inflated ATM costs. Food is cheaper, and your wife won't be angry if you smell like the cheap perfume of the lady who sat at the table beside you.


Many players love the thrill of the poker game itself, but the players who play online also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, the extra value for your dollar, as well as the bonus money, merchandise, and prizes. There's a great bonus to enjoying one of your favorite past times that can pay back not just in cash, but prizes and trips as well.