Spotting Trustworthy Real Money Online Poker Sites

When it comes to playing online poker, one of the biggest fears that new players have is whether or not the site they want to play at is trustworthy. Anyone can make shiny graphics and put big claims on their website, so how do you know how to spot a trustworthy real money online poker site?

Encryption and Security

Good encryption is quite common with online poker rooms. All the major software providers offer a very high level of security. At a minimum, any poker site should offer top of the line security protocols. The data that is transmitted between your computer and their casino must be encrypted. This means you can play without fear of anyone tampering with the outcome of the game. On top of this, good poker sites will have all player data stored safely, with high levels of encryption and good firewalls. The last thing you want is your personal information leaked as many casinos require quite a bit of information to allow players to withdraw their winnings. To find a trustworthy poker room, not only do you need to check what security measures they provide, but read reviews to ensure they uphold these standards.

Fair Play

This may seem like a no-brainer. Players want the ability to know that they're not just getting taken advantage of. This is mostly handled by the poker site's software, players need to feel confident that the random number generators are actually random. Stacked decks are one way that a poker room can cheat players, and unfortunately, it can be very difficult to detect without hours of play, and even then, it can be very difficult to prove.

Anti Collusion

When money is involved, some people can get very greedy. Unfortunately, players need to worry about other players cheating. A poker room that bends the rules will garner bad reviews, but there is little way of knowing if you're at the table with cheaters. Poker rooms do their best to protect themselves and their players from cheating. There are many anti-collusion tools already being used by some of the biggest online poker rooms. There are also restrictions on accounts that are suspected of collusion, or even if they just live at the same address. Extra paperwork and confirmation is required if you and your roommate or spouse both enjoy playing online poker, and your accounts will be watched carefully to make sure you're not feeding each other chips during games.

Reviews and Reputation

One of the biggest tools for players to find a reputable online poker room is the fact that the poker room is online. It seems redundant, but with the massive amount of information out on the internet it can be very surprising that people don't take the time to look up the reputation of an online business before spending their money. The online casino business thrives on a good reputation. Unknown casinos will have a lower player base, as players are leery to test out the waters of one that isn't well known. Just because they are new or small doesn't mean that they're not good, but if you're just starting out you're probably better off at a larger online poker real money room with a great reputation. There are poker rooms that are so well known that they are a household name. The larger the player base, the more likely the poker room is known for being reliable.

The Fine Print

Another thing players need to keep an eye on is the fine print. There are some casinos out there that can be very fun to play at, and are still relatively popular, but don't have the best bonus structures. Bad bonus setups can be very frustrating, as players can be left feeling taken advantage of, or even just outright duped. Before depositing, or activating any bonus code, always read reviews of the casino you're looking to play at. Read all the fine print of the bonus, as some will specify you may ONLY play certain games, and you will be disqualified. The only real defense you have against sneakily written bonus codes are by making sure to read all the information, and contacting support if you have any question. One great example of this is you will see bonus codes claiming to give you thousands of dollars free. But when is money ever free? When you read the codes, they will have a deposit percentage. So to get thousands free, you typically need to deposit thousands.