Tips for Chatting on Poker Sites

Just about every online poker site features a chat room at their poker tables. For a purely useful standpoint, the chat room generally keeps a running history of what has happened at the table. If you have to sit out for a few minutes, or are otherwise distracted, the chat will typically have a record of who won, how much the pot was, and sometimes even what their cards were. From a primarily useful standpoint, the chat comes in handy. But what about chatting? Here's a few tips to keep in mind when chatting on a real money poker site.

Don't get distracted

It can be tempting to strike up a conversation and get to know people while having a good time on your favorite online poker site. This can be very rewarding, as you are on a site with people who share similar interests, and it can be easy to make friends. Some poker sites encourage a community feel by hosting their own forum for players, and encouraging use of the chatbox through out the site.

This can be a great way to enjoy the poker room, congratulate other players on a great hand, or even ask questions and learn about a new game. However the chat box is one of the biggest distractions in online poker rooms. Use it wisely, and be wary of these dangers, and know how to use them to your advantage.


Just like playing at a land-based casino, players can use the table chatter to bluff their opponents. Behaving more confidently while holding a weak hand, or even behaving unsure or nervous about a hand that is very strong is a very common technique. However, be aware that other players can and will try the same. Just as you can use the chatbox to bluff, it can also be a great way to catch other player's tells. If you pay attention, at times players can be very obvious without even realizing it. They may take much longer to respond, or start trying to obviously goad players into betting.

Something else to keep in mind is that just like any forum or chat room, players need to be cautious about what information they release. Don't release any personal information. Even though you develop friendships and familiarities on the forum, remember that you have never actually met these players, and they could very easily misrepresent themselves.

Recognizing the Tilt

Some players can and will use the chat to manipulate other players, goading them into betting or calling, or trying to bluff other players. But it isn't only good for tells and bluffing. One of the biggest dangers to online poker players is the Tilt. The Tilt is when players start playing emotionally, reacting to frustrations or annoyances. Anything can trigger this, and everyone from new players to professionals can fall victim to it. But how do avoid the Tilt, and how can it benefit you?

The first step is to play logically. Avoid emotion, and step away if you find yourself getting frustrated or angry. A bad beat will try anyone's nerves, but if you start chasing the loss with more money, or playing frustrated you will only cost yourself more money. Don't let other players goad you. Walk away, sit out. Take a deep breath.

Recognizing when other players are playing on the Tilt requires a little bit of attention. Some players will chat up very aggressively, or have a looser, more wild play strategy to throw off other players. But if you see someone suddenly start playing very aggressively and posts frustrated, angry, or even abusive messages in the chat box you may find someone on the Tilt. Be careful, as they will play very wildly. You can make quite a bit of money off another player on the Tilt, but they are unpredictable.

Turn it Off

The chatbox is a great way to enjoy yourself and relax while playing a few games and shouldn't be totally discounted. You can tell quite a bit about a player and their strategy by the way they chat, or if they even chat at all. Some players will completely disable the chat, or choose to leave it open but not participate. Some will use the chatbox to goad, bluff, and aggravate their opponents the way that some players in land based casinos will attempt to distract and annoy their table mates by constantly calling waitresses or wearing ridiculous outfits. And if the chat is closed, you may miss the opportunity to cash in on another player on the Tilt.

By: Peter Smith