Transitioning from Land Based Poker to Online Poker Sites

There is an unmistakeable convenience to online poker that has captured the attention of the world. Hard core enthusiasts jumped on the ability to play poker online, as well as new players who see online poker as less intimidating. But for long-time players who are used to the comforts of a land based poker room it can take some convincing to see why they should transition from a land based poker room to a real money online poker site.


First and foremost what draws people in to real money online poker is the convenience. This is especially true if you do not live nearby a casino. A long trip can be a start to a relaxing vacation at a casino, but sometimes you just want to unwind after a hard day's work. Online poker allows you to spend as much or as little time as you like at the tables. You don't have to cash out or go to the bank every time you want to play, and you don't have to wait in long cashier lines. While some people prefer that playing in a land based casino means instant money in your hands, withdrawal methods used by online casinos are getting faster and faster. And depending on the banking method you use means your money can be immediately useable. For example, if you withdraw your cash into Paypal, you can immediately spend it on a number of different websites, or if you have the Paypal Card, even just go buy groceries at your local market.


Another downfall of playing land based poker tables is the lack of variety in table limits. You might find $5/hand tables, but finding low limit tables with open seats can be hard. The lowest limit tables always fill up the fastest. Higher limits are available in land based poker, though the selection can be slim as well. Casinos will do their best to accommodate the high rollers, though the low limit players typically don't receive the same attention.

Lower limit players, or casual players, will find online poker likely much more enjoyable. There will be a much larger selection of low limit and even micro limit tables. Micro limits can go as low as $.01/$.02, which when you have a very small bankroll means players can play for a very long time. You can't play for hours at a land based casino with only $10.

Managing your budget is easier

Not very many people are lucky enough to live near a land based casino. Those that do have the opportunity to drop in with the $20 in their pocket for a few quick hands. Most people need to travel, which typically makes a trip to the casino at the very least a day trip, if not a vacation weekend which even when being frugal, adds up. When it comes to online casinos the savings potential is there if players keep to their budget. With an online casino, you can deposit only what you want to play with. There's no excessive ATM charges, no overpriced food and beverages. In the comfort of your own home you can play with as little or as much as you like, with the actual amount always prominently displayed on screen. You don't have to have a stack of chips, or wadded up tickets in your pocket.

Better value for your money

However no matter the ease in sticking to your budget, the best part about online casinos is the promotions. There are regular reload bonuses, free money, free roll tournaments, and bonus codes. If you watch for good promotions, you can sometimes double your money on a deposit bonus. These bonus codes will sometimes pay out directly, other times you will have to clear a bonus. Regardless, as long as you qualify, free money to play only increases the value for your dollar. While players can get comps from land based casinos, they typically require a high level of wagering, and getting noticed by the pit bosses. With online casinos, every player can participate in the VIP programs no matter how much or how little they play. Earning points just by playing, players online can trade these in for cash or even merchandise. How many land based casinos will give cash back or comps to penny slot players or the casual player on the lowest limit poker tables? Once you experience all the benefits to online poker sites, you'll never look at poker the same way again.